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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

My go-to source for retro gaming

3/5/2018 by Dustin E.
Lukie Games is my go to source for retro gaming. They have everything you need for your retro gaming needs. Orders ship fast and games are always in great condition. Accessories are mostly new in package as well. Love it!

Love this place

Love this place, inexpensive and can get hard to find games

I could not be happier

2/24/2018 by KaLia
My son has been looking for the games he played as a child and we have had a horrible time finding them. Then I chanced upon Lukie Games and found all of the games he wanted and at incredibly good prices! As long as the games play as they should - I could not be happier about finding Lukie Games. They will definitely be our go-to for old PS2 games as well as other system games.

Have a customer for life

2/21/2018 by Mike
I have bought a lot of games from your shop off and on for months now and I am always very shocked on how well of condition all the games have been that I have received. Not once have I been disappointed, or bummed about anything on the games. When I finally gave in and simply wanted to play tomb raider (the original) I decided to buy from you. When I received my game I could not look away, it looked brand new aside from the case. It started right up with no problems of any kind. You guys at lukiegames do a wonderful job at selling games and as far as I can tell you all also take the time to restore the games to working order that no other that I have seen can or are willing to do.

They know the value of retro gaming

2/13/2018 by Tuesday
Lukie Games has prices that Gamestop nor local mom and pop stores can compete with!!! They know the value of retro gaming

Never had a problem

2/12/2018 by BobbyT
I have only been a customer for a short time but have ordered several games from Lukie and have never had a problem. The ordering process is simple and quick and the service is great.

Best collection and price

2/11/2018 by Misty Blue
I am spreading the word to go your site for the best collection and price on the items you are searching for. They are prompt and if any problem should arise they we will be there for you--In the past month I think I purchased at least 60 games and 2 Nintendo ds systems, which I might add are very hard to find-Thank-you Lukie Games for being there because, I looked high and low , as I said first they are hard to find and if you do they want an a arm and a leg, your prices were reasonable but, people if you want the Nintendo DS buy it as soon as you can, they are hard to find at a reasonable price, except Lukie Games, who at this time didn't have that many, but a few they had and I bought 2 right away I like the small Nintendo DS

Love the rewards points

2/11/2018 by Mike P
On top of the great conditions of the games, I also love the rewards points program. That is the main reason I come back to this website instead of other businesses.

Selection is amazing

2/10/2018 by Ash
Ive ordered multiple times and have been very happy each time. Everything comes on time and in great shape. The selection is amazing

Way cool site

2/9/2018 by Shopper
Way cool site, I wish I had know about earlier. I have already recommended this sit to several people. I will definitely check here first for all my future game purchases.

I'm so happy

2/9/2018 by Cali
I'm so happy I found somewhere online to buy old school PlayStation 1 games like Casper: A Haunting 3D Challenge, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and so many others for a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to reliving my childhood!

Can't get any better...

2/6/2018 by kennetgattenb-0
Can’t get any better, product was in amazing condition and arrived extremely fast!

Much better pricing than Amazon!

2/5/2018 by Dannyboi
Lukie Games has much better pricing on used games than Amazon. Thanks, Lukie! I may be canceling my Prime subscription.

Love the prices

1/31/2018 by Asht806
I love the prices and variety of games that lukie games offers.

Top Seller!

1/30/2018 by noorhanna
Very fast shipping, item arrived as described and safely packed, top seller! Thanks!

Excellent reliable seller

1/25/2018 by intvcollector
Excellent reliable seller. Great transaction and game works great. Thank you AAA+++

The Gold Standard in customer service

1/23/2018 by icerda02
Lukie Games has set the bar pretty high when it comes to purchasing retro games. All retro games purchased are in great condition and never had issues returning a product I was not happy with. One time they even took back a game and sent me another one just for cosmetic reason (sticker was a little scratched on cartridge) they swapped it with no hassle. The Gold Standard in customer service.

Only one I trust

1/22/2018 by MommaColley
This is the only retro video game site that I trust. The games are authentic and reasonably prices.

Amazing Deals

1/16/2018 by zacharyd96
This site makes me smile every time I see the amazing deals! I appreciate the Lukie points to save even more money when they didn't need to do that to begin with. I am grateful for this site and i hope to see it one day explode in popularity over Gamestop. Lukie Games needs to be the new main stream game store over the US and other countries!

Lukie Games has me covered!

1/9/2018 by Doomacid(e)
I don't search anywhere else. I don't waste my time like I've done in the past. Why waste my time when I know Lukie Games always has me covered!

Highly Recommended

1/8/2018 by Tjd84
Lukie Games had provided me with a great shopping experience and an exceptional variety. I would highly recommend them to anyone that collects retro games.

Fantastic Selection

1/7/2018 by Roedburn
Great site with a fantastic selection of quality products at reasonable prices.

Best gaming provider

1/1/2018 by Pudinski
Best gaming provider I've had the privilege to purchase from. I've already recommended quite a few people to Lukie!

100% Consistent

12/23/2017 by Johnny
Lukie is awesome and has been 100% consistent since I began buying from them in 2014.

Good Experience!

12/14/2017 by Turtle
Good experience. Happy to find such an old title! My Daughter will be happy! Thanks

Trustworthy business to order from

11/15/2017 by smithmusicc
First off, amazing delivery time. Everything I've ordered has arrived on time, if not sooner. Secondly Lukie Games offers some of the best prices on any games and accessories I've seen online, not many can compete. Unless you want to

So Happy

10/31/2017 by katiemsnow
I'm starting to become a regular customer now! Cartridge arrived in perfect condition! And very quick to arrive from USA to Canada :) Thank you Lukie Games for providing excellent service! Expect lots more purchases from me! lol!

Place to go

10/26/2017 by Raven
Anybody looking to buy game consoles, new or remanufactured systems or game cartridges and accessories, Lukie games is the place to go!!!


10/10/2017 by Rick
Lukie games, is a really cool place to buy games from. I believe it is the best so far!


10/2/2017 by amykae09
As loyal Gamestop customers forever Lukiegames is now my new go-to store!!


9/28/2017 by gaelste85
Great price, item as described -- I'm a very happy customer!

Awesome selection

9/5/2017 by coach_dgraves
Awesome selection, prices are better than competitors, shipping was on time and items were safely packaged. Everything was perfect! We will be ordering more items in the future.

Very happy

8/25/2017 by Hugo
I was very happy that I find this site for games. I will be coming for Christmas shopping.

Awesome prices

8/21/2017 by De.nice
Awesome prices and awesome selection, more info on the game, like the back cover and what the game is about.

I LOVE Lukie Games

8/16/2017 by Bean
I LOVE Lukie Games!! Best selection, best prices! My son and I have stacks of games now, for the price of one!! So glad I found this site, always satisfied with the condition of the games!
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